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CMS is pleased to announce its first ever social media reel contest.

Contest Entries: Entries must be a social media reel, where a reel is defined as a short video between 15 and 90 seconds long in vertical format. Entries should be original or fair use creative work. The reel must carry an evangelistic or devotional Christian message (not angry or political). The reel must include a clearly visible Bible verse (or partial verse) with reference (e.g. “The Lord is my Shepherd, Psalm 23”).


Eligibility: Entrants must be in Bay Area assembly fellowship. Eligibility of the entry will be determined by the CMS board. The CMS board reserves the right to modify these rules to keep an open and fair playing field, and preserve the implied intent of the contest. CMS board members are not eligible.

Registering Entries: Entries must be registered on or after 8pm Pacific on Sunday Oct 1, 2023. Register an entry by sending an email to including:-

  • Your name

  • Your Bay Area home assembly

  • The name of your reel

  • A link to the reel on each platform (this can be in the same, or later email)

You may submit the same reel to multiple platforms. 

Submitting Entries for Judging: Entrants should email a screenshot of the reel view counts on each platform on or before 8pm Pacific on Tuesday Oct 31, 2023 to 

Winning entries: The winner will be the reel with the most views. The view count will be summed across all platforms. Eligibility of the entry is at the discretion of the CMS board. Winners will be announced at the CMS Nov 2023 Missions Conference at Hillview Bible Chapel. The prizes (from anonymous donors) are as follows:

1st Place: $200;

2nd Place $140;

3rd Place: $60

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