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CMS Missions Conference Feb 2022 @ Parkside Gospel Chapel, San Francisco

Tim & Joy Beer, Zambia; MK, India; Dan Williams, Freedom Teams; Dave Reeve, Freedom Teams

CMS Missions Conference Nov 2021 @ Hillview Bible Chapel

Dan & Anne Johnson, Burundi; Joel Hernandez, CMML & Emmaus Bible College; Jim & Sharon Fleming, Emmaus Worldwide Correspondence School

Dan Johnson, Opening Message

Dan Johnson, Missions Report, Burundi, Africa

Jim Fleming, Closing Message

Joel Hernandez, Opening Message

Panel Discussion

COMPELLED: A Century of Faith, Love, and Sacrifice

CMS Virtual Missions Conference Feb 2021

Murrays & Luibrands

(Our apologies, we only got an audio recording of the Opening Message by George Murray, missing the first few minutes)

Opening Plenary Feb 2021George Murray
00:00 / 22:41

CMS Missions Conference Feb 2017

PowerPoints by Sid Halsband

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