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Part of our Mission is providing financial support for Bay Area Assembly Missionaries. If you want to support our missionaries financially you can give in the following ways;-

  • Cash offering at our Missions Conferences

  • Check offering at our Conferences. Make out the check to "CMS"

  • Donate using Venmo to or @CMSBayArea

  • Donate using PayPal to or @CMSBayArea

  • Donate using PayPal using the Donate button below

100% of gifts go to Missionaries - with up to 10% to approved Short Term trips (minus any conference expenses and PayPal/Venmo fees)

Note: When using Venmo or PayPal, if funds come from your ATM card, checking account or Venmo/PayPal Balance, there are usually no service fees. If you use a Credit card through Venmo or
PayPal, there will be a fee. Also,  if you choose to use PayPal, please make sure you use the “Friends and Family” option NOT the “Goods and Services” option to avoid others fees/taxes.

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